Loan for Business

To support entrepreneur to operate business continuously.

  • Short-term loan repayment up to one year
  • Long-term loan repayment is not exceed 10 years and repayment for principle is not  exceed2 years. In case repayment period is over 2 years.
Loan interest rate and loan interest rate failed to repay the debt are in line with the Bank’s announcement.
  • Working capital to operate business
  • Investment in fixed assets
  • for refinancing from other financial institutes.
  • Except land purchase for profit
Borrower or any other person who has the ability to act as follows:
  • Any type of GSB passbook according to the bank’s regulation
  • PSCs according to the bank’s regulation, excluding PSCs special type that specify to compensate to the minor of holder or PSCs for children which cannot be guarantee.
  • Government Bonds or State enterprise Bonds according to Bank’s regulation
  • Land, Land with building or apartment by the Bank’s regulation
  • Other properties under the consideration of the Bank Credit Committee