Youth Savings

Itis a savings is for students. Money savings is available for you anytime. Our Savings deposit is taxed free for individual.

From 17/09/2012 onwards  
From 17/09/2012 onwards  
Conditions of Withdrawal
withdrawal many times a day
Withdrawal can be made without  daily limit the number of transactions
Interests rate

1.25% per year
  • Savings money for general use to facilitate the spending.
  • It is a savings deposit for students.
  • From 17 September 2012 now onwards
  • Opening new account at minimum deposit of 100 Baht.
  • Increase deposit is not less than 50 Baht each time.
  • No deposit an account for the benefit of the minor and a joint account
- 1.35% per year.
- Interest will be calculated when a depositor age of 23 years old. Interest rate is  as same as savings account rate which is in line with the Bank’s announcement 
  • Tax is free for individual.
  • For Juristic Persons, tax payment is in the line with the Revenue Department’s announcement.
  • Account Passbook can be used a loan guarantee and overdraft.
  • This account can be used as a pair account of current account and deduct money to pay for utility bills.
  • Savings deposit for students
  • Individual aged of 7-23 years old
  • Withdrawal can be made without daily limit the number of transactions.
  • Every 30 June and 31 December every year.
  • ID Card with copy
    House Registration document with copy